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A small birthday card story

Author:    Source:    Date: 2016-06-02 06:26:53

There was a time I was requested to write a conclusion about how to write a high effect business development letter. I looked up in professional books, blogs, online Clubs and Associations, expected to have clue of writing perfect development letter, by how to use attractive subject, progressive introduction etc. Even I tried to seek help from one of our friendly customers -- axel from Netherland, I wrote to him to expect to get some advise.

But actually he finally didn't reply me with as I expected, Instead,he set good example for us.

There was a time during free chat, I told him that I have a 6 years daughter, born at 13th, April.

Almost one year later, at end of March, I received phone call from Axel that:

“Ella, please confirm your delivery address, there will be a birthday gift for your daughter Lianlian “

I was very shocked that he even remember it,and I confirmed my address gratefully.

Then around 12th April, I received a gift package from netherland, with beautiful birthday card wrote like this:

Lianlian, so many candles for a such small cake? Happy birthday !”

It was very impressive and appreciate.

When people say business relationship, It is not just get order and dispatch order and earn money through that. The best one should be built on trust friendship, that can last longer. 

It is easily be built up from details, do your best and with heart, which is much better than a "business development letter”

After that, whenever we have chance to send documents paper to customers, there must be a beautiful thankful card with handwriting,to express the appreciate during the business.

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